General Discipline

1.Both parents and pupils should keep in mind, the following principles of discipline, laid down in these secondary school code(1979), Rule 56 which states that pupils should realize that they are responsible to the school authority not only for their conduct in school, but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of school, on the part of the pupils, shall make them liable to disciplinary action. The school management has the sole right to decide the conditions under which to admit or retain pupils in the school.
2. All are expected to speaking English in the school campus.
3. Students should greet the teachers of the school.
4. Students are expected to maintain a high standard, in their general behavior and manner of speech.
5. Students should have deep respect and dedication towards their work.
6. Attentiveness in class and regularity in home work and assignments are of prime importance.
7. If any student is found in the possession of fire-crackers, water pistols, objectionable periodicals, magazines, posters, pictures, mobilephones, CD’s, Computer games etc. They will be liable for punishment.
8. Personal hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained by the student at allcost. Hair must be well groomed. It must be cut short, in case of boys and neatly tied up, in case of girls. Dyeing or colouring of hair is strictly prohibited.
9. Students must be punctual. The students who are late for 3 consecutive days, will be sent back home on the fourth day, after informing the parents 0r will be told to sit in the office and will have to miss classes that day.
10.All should feel and take pride in keeping their school premises clean.
11. Private tuition in any subject under taken by any member of the school staff is forbidden under the school rules.
12. Students will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours. Half Day will not be granted. In case of emergency, students leaving the premises of the school during the course of the day, will have to take written permission from the Principal, failing which they will invite a disciplinary action which may include dismissal from school.
13. Attendance on there opening day and the last working day of the term is mandatory. A fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged if the child is not present on these days.
14. No leave of absence is granted, other than exceptional reasons and on the submission of prior written application by the parents.
15. Students who are absent without any intimation for more than 45 days are liable to have their names struck off roll and they may not be readmitted.
(c) In case of continued absence due to sickness, a medical certificate has to be sent to school.
(d) Serious action will be taken by the Principal for breaches of discipline, irregularity of attendance and unsanctioned leave.
(e) In case of contagious disease, the school must be informed within 3 days.
(f) In case of leave on medical ground, a fitness certificate has to be produced when the child reports back to school.
16. Students are not expected to take part in any political activity.
17. School diary should be brought to school daily.
(a) A maximum of two pencils / eraser spents to be gifted by the teacher to the student. No other gifts will be entertained.
(b) Birthday students are allowed to dress in casual out fits on their birthdays.
19. Any communication to the Principal / Course Co-ordinator / Classteacher must be sent in a sealed envelope with the name of the child, class, section and roll no. clearly mentioned on the envelope.
20. The Principal's permission is required for the following:-
(a) To make a collection for any purpose.
(b) To arrange for a party, picnic or meeting.
(c) To join sports meet or participate in games, not arranged by the school.
21. Parents / guardians should complain directly to the Administrative Officer / Principal / Course Co-ordinator and not to the teachers.
22. Parents / guardians are not allowed to go to class or have a meeting with the teachers during school hours.
23. When writing any grievance letter to the Principal, parents are requested to mention the name of the child, standard and division in which their child is studying.
24. Parents are requested to inform the school immediately about a change of address or telephone / mobile numbers.
25. Expensive items such as jewellery, mobile, laptop etc. or even cash are not allowed in the school campus. Pupil bringing the above, will be doing at their own risk. The school will not be responsible in case of loss or damage.
26. The school will not be responsible for the cycle or any other vehicle parked out side the school campus.

Of St. Columbus School Salori
School Code 'SCSALO'