Transport Rules

1. The school does not have its own fleet of buses, however, for the convenience of the parents, the school will arrange for the services of an experienced transport service provider to take care of the arrival and departure of students.
2. A transport committee consisting of parent volunteers for each route and the school administration representative will take every care to ensure that the transporter adheres to all the rules and regulations of the RTO, however, parents are requested to note that the school is only a facilitator between the parents and the service provider.
3. Once registered, it will be mandatory for the student to continue with the school transport service provider unIess the student withdraws from the school or relocates or there is any change in route which is causing inconvenience.
4. It is the responsibility of the parent to send the student with a responsible person at the bus stop in the morning, 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
5. Similarly parents are requested to ensure that the authorized person is there to receive the student at the regular bus stop, 5 minutes beforethescheduledtime.
6. In case there is no one available at the bus stop to receive, students will be brought back to the school and the parents will have to arrange to collect them at the earliest.
7. Parents are requested to note that the transporter is not authorized to drop the student with the watchman etc. unless a letter to this effect is given by the parent.
8. Students will not be allowed to board or get down at any stop other than the scheduled stop.
9. Indiscipline of any kind like use of bad language, fighting etc.will not be tolerated in the school bus. Strict disciplinary action will be taken by the school if students are found to be indulging in such acts.Student should be seated at all times in the bus except while alighting and should comply with the instructions given bythe conductor.
10. Parents are not permitted to use the school bus at any time except those from the volunteer group.
11. Even in case of grievances parents are not permitted to enter the school bus and take action against any of the student. Any disciplinary issue has to be brought to the notice of the school for appropriate action.
*Details of the bus service and the rules will be given by the service provider.

Of St. Columbus School Salori
School Code 'SCSALO'